About Alex Berman

Well, you have clicked on the “About Me” link, so I suppose I better tell you exactly who I am, what I am about and above all how I became a consultant specialized in Home Fitness Equipment! I hate talking about myself, so I cut it short! lol

So, Who Is Alex Berman?

Alex BermanMy name is Alex Berman and I live in Irvine, CA with my fiancé, and our dog “Bobo”. My real passion is to motivate and educate individuals about health, fitness, and the benefits of a lean and fit body.

I have been working in the fitness & sport equipment industry as an equipment consultant for over 11 years. Working side-by-side with equipment manufacturers I help design and build a better fitness and training exercise equipment for athletes and individuals with special needs.

Additionally, I provide Fitness Equipment Consultancy defining the needs and providing recommendations on the most suitable equipment for Homes, Offices, Schools, Personal Training Studios, Gyms and other organizations.

I Am Just a Regular Guy

It is important to point out that I really am just a regular dude. I enjoy going to the gym, traveling and reading books!

One tip I have for anyone struggling to stay motivated, focused or inspired – JOIN THE GYM OR START EXERCISING AT HOME!

Gym has become almost a daily task for me. Any stress or pressure is quickly blown away and I come back ready for action again fully refreshed. So, if you don’t already, try it yourself, even if it’s just a 15-30 minute run when you are feeling stressed or unmotivated. I guarantee you will come back fully refreshed and ready to be inspired, be ambitious and ready to take on the world!

So, that is me in a nutshell.


My team and I put a lot of effort into this site creating valuable, quality and updated content. HomeProFitness.com is your source for elliptical trainer reviews, comparison, workout videos, fitness tips, and the best advice on how to start living a healthy and active life.

Your honest opinion matters to us. Good or bad we want to hear your feedback about our comparison tables and other information on this site, so we can deliver the best possible materials. If you want to share your thoughts or need assistance, feel free to contact us.

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To your health and fitness,

Alex Berman