Livestrong LS10.0E Elliptical Review

Livestrong LS10.0E Elliptical Trainer | Livestrong Fitness LS10.0E

Livestrong LS10.0E Elliptical Trainer


Livestrong LS10.0E Elliptical Trainer

The Livestrong LS10.0E elliptical trainer falls between the LS8.0E and the LS13.0E models in a Livestrong series of elliptical trainers.

It sells for $999 and this model is Livestrong’s best selling elliptical trainer. Livestrong Fitness LS10.0E is a front drive machine that offers a 20 inch stride, which is impressively smooth and quiet because it is driven by a relatively heavy 23 lb. flywheel. LS10.0E comes with motorized power incline that supports 20 inline levels and during workout you can enjoy your favorite music through provided ipod/mp3 inputs.

There are many pre-set workout programs that can be downloaded onto the included USB drive. These programs were designed by Peter Park, who is Lance Armstrong’s personal fitness trainer.

There are many good reasons to be considering the Livestrong LS10.0E and one of them is the Best Buy Award 2012, LS10.0E received from Treadmill Doctor.


Livestrong LS10.0E Top Features

  • Long stride – LS10.0E offers 20” stride that supports good range of motion and helps tone different muscle groups, when combined with 20 incline levels
  • Power incline – Driven by motorized power-incline capability that is easy to use
  • Heavy flywheel –This model comes with a relatively heavy 23-pound flywheel to provide great stability during workout and assures smooth movement
  • Ergonomic frame – All Livestrong ellipticals come with Six-Star Certified frames that support natural elliptical motion and contribute to more comfortable workout experience
  • Workout Programs and Resistance – Livestrong LS10.0E comes with 11 preset workout programs driven by 20 levels of resistance.
  • Optimally spaced pedals – Ergonomically designed pedals that have virtually no space between them, promote healthier hip movement
  • Automated journaling — Unique LIVETRACK technology assists to keep track of all your exercise data, so you can easily make time-based performance comparisons on your computer
  • Hefty build – Supports users weighing up to 325 pounds
  • Entertainment – Includes speaker system that is built into the console and it’s iPod-compatible
  • Warranty – Lifetime on frame and brake, 3 years on parts, and one year of labor.


Why Livestrong Fitness?

The company is known for offering a complete line of fitness equipment that fits a home gym such as exercise bikes, elliptical trainers, and treadmills that fit any budget, lifestyle and fitness goal.

Endorsed by Lance Armstrong, a legendary cyclist, the Livestrong LS10.0E elliptical trainer is built by Johnson Health Tech with an objective of providing affordable home gym machines for budget-minded consumers. Quality is top priority since Lance Armstrong is lending his name to the Livestrong line.


Livestrong LS10.0E – Video Review by Livestrong Fitness



LS10.0E vs. Top 5 Performers in “Under $1,000” Category

ELLIPTICAL TRAINERHorizon EX-59Schwinn 470 Nautilus E616Sole E25Livestrong LS10.0E
RATINGWinner1st Runner UpTop 5 PerformerTop 5 PerformerCOMPARED
USD PRICE$799$799$899$999$999
PRICE-PERFORMANCE4.5 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars5 stars
EXPERT REVIEWExpert ReviewExpert ReviewExpert ReviewExpert ReviewExpert Review
FLYWHEEL14.3 lbs25 lbs23 lbs
RESISTANCE TYPEMagneticMagneticMagneticMagneticMagnetic
0° - 10°
0 to 11%
motorized incline
20 levels of power incline
20 levels of power Incline
STRIDE LENGTH18"20"20"20"-22" Power Adjustable20"
3 speed
3 Speed
MAX. USER WEIGHT275 lbs300 lbs300 lbs350 lbs325 lbs
Contact HR sensor
Contact HR sensor
Contact HR sensor, telemetry enabled
Contact HR sensor
Contact HR sensor
DISPLAY TYPE AND FUNCTIONS4.5" yellow-green LCD display with Time, distance, speed, calories, heart rate, program level and watts workout feedbackSchwinnConnect™ 2 LCD window System
Main: 3.0” X 5.0” Blue backlit + Secondary: 1.0” X 5.0” Blue backlit + Quickeys 5 for incline and 5 for resistance
Dual track blue-backlit LCD display with 1 quick start, 12 profile, 9 heart Rate, 2 Fitness test, 1 recovery test and 4 custom programsVibrant 6.5-inch blue LCD display tracks time, distance, calories, and resistance + built-in speakers for listening to your iPod or MP3 playerIntuitive console with backlit LCD display and two LED feedback windows that track your time, resistance, incline, distance, speed, and more
ADDITIONAL FEATURES AND FUNCTIONSLow distance between pedals. Low, 10-inch step-on height. The StraightUP™ keeps your body upright for maximum comfort
Sonic Surround™ speakers with MP3 player input, water bottle holder, reading rack, accessories tray
10 degree motorized ramp range with quick keys. 4 user settings and goal tracking. Integrated transport wheels, media tray, water bottle. USB charging, Data export to Schwinn connect. Great acoustic chamber for clear sound system.Supports Nautilus Connect™ portal, the Nautilus Trainer™ app and MyFitnessPal, Bluetooth connectivity, USB charging port, data export, performance tracking, Media shelf, Transport wheelsPower incline for additional resistance and positions, iPod and MP3 ready,
2 degree inward adjustable Pedals, 15-inch pedals, water bottle holder
Mimics natural path of ankle, knee, and hip joints for low-impact workout
Livetrack technology
Full-body workout
USB stick: 2 GB, included
Built-in speakers
DIMENTIONS68.2 x 22 x 64.6 inches
(L x W x H)
70 x 28 x 71 inches
(L x W x H)
70 x 28 x 71 inches
(L x W x H)
67.5 x 30 x 17.5 inches
(W x H x D)
24 x 67 x 76 inches
(W x H x D)
UNIT WEIGHT169 lbs231 lbs173 lbs198 lbs199 lbs
WARRANTYLifetime on frame
1 year on parts and labor
10 years on the frame
2 years on mechanical parts
1 year on electrical parts
90 days on labor
10 year frame
2 year parts
1 year electronics
90 days labor
Frame / Brake: Lifetime
Parts / Electronics: 3 Years
Labor: 1 Year (In-Home)
Frame: lifetime
Braking System: lifetime
Parts: 1 year
Labor: 1 year
ELLIPTICAL TRAINERHorizon Fitness EX-59Schwinn 470 Nautilus E616Sole Fitness E25Livestrong LS10.0E

COMPARE 5 Best Elliptical Trainers Under $1500 in 2022

Sole E35Best Fitness E1 Xterra Free Style 5.8eSole E55Schwinn 450
Winner1st Runner UpTop 5 PerformerTop 5 PerformerTop 5 Performer
Expert ReviewExpert ReviewExpert ReviewExpert ReviewExpert Review



What are the Benefits of Using the Livestrong LS10.0E?

There are many quality features that promote a comfortable workout such as the heavy flywheel for a smooth performance and the 20-inch stride length that gives you a wider range of motion. This elliptical trainer has more workout programs than the LS8.0E model. The machine is so quiet you can watch and listen to your favorite TV programs and actually hear them over the elliptical trainer.

The more comfortable the feel when working out, the more likely you are to stick with your fitness routine and reach your fitness goals. This is exactly why the LS10.0E has been designed to focus on comfort.

Livestrong LS10.0E Extras

There are several things that are added for comfort and enjoyment while you exercise including the plug-and-play speakers, the contact heart rate grips and the personal workout fan by CoolFit.


What You May Not Like About Livestrong LS10.0E?

The music player’s jack should have been at the back and not the front, but it is possible to get used to it where it is because although many people listen to music while they exercise, doing so is not a critical functional component of the machine.

What do Users Say about Livestrong LS10.0E Elliptical?

Here are a few snippets from Amazon about this product (read full reviews on the Amazon Website):

  • “Did a lot of research before purchasing an elliptical, including going to sporting goods stores and trying out various models. I have now had this elliptical for over a year and am extremely pleased with it.”
  • “I have used multiple ellipticals at the gyms I used to go to. I must say the Livestrong LS10.0E is definitely my favorite. I set it up in my living room so I can keep up with my shows as I’m working out if I don’t want to listen music. The machine is so quiet, it does not interfere with the sound of the TV at all.”



The Livestrong LS10.0E offers overall great value and its our Top Pick among ellipticals within $1,000 price range. Equipped with features and performance level that usually can be found in more expensive elliptical machines, the LS10.0E stands out with its price-performance.

On top of all the good features offered by Livestrong Fitness LS10.0E, it stands out mainly because of its motorized electronically adjustable incline capability, 23-pound flywheel that provides great stability, and nice to have MP3 ports in addition to interactive technology that provides a more rewarding training experience.

Suitable both for beginners and athletes with competitive goals, and shining through in reviews from others that have already bought it, the Livestrong LS10.0E is one of the better ellipticals in its class.


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