XTERRA Free Style 4.0e Elliptical Review


Free Style 4.0e

XTERRA Fitness Free Style 4.0e Elliptical Trainer

The Free Style 4.0e is an entry level machine, one out of 4 models introduced in the latest generation of Xterra Fitness elliptical trainers. The FS 5.4e and FS 5.6e are mid-range ellipticals and 5.8e is a top model. You’re invited to see them compared side-by-side here:

Compare Xterra FS 4.0e vs. 5.4e vs. 5.6e vs. 5.8e.

Though an entry level machine, the Free Style 4.0e offers a good price-performance based on its design, specs, features and durability. The conclusion of our review is that the 4.0e performs as though it was a higher end model.

Top Features

Articulating Foot Pedals

The Q-factor (space between the pedals) measures 3.5″ and in addition there is a 2 degree inward slope to the pedals designed to align the legs and hips in a natural position during workout.

Console and DisplayXTERRA Free Style 4.0e Display

The Xterra FS 4.0e offers a really nice console, in terms of user-friendliness! It has a clear layout and we really liked the row of 8 easy to understand labelled buttons showing icons illustrating their respective programs. We give this elliptical extra points for the user-friendly console, but on the flip side, to be fair and objective, this console was designed with fairly simple functionality and rather limited number of program to chose from.

The programs include as the basic selection: manual, fat burn, hill, cardio, strength and interval options, but unfortunately, there is no provision for heart rate controlled programs, although it does have pulse grip sensors on the static handles. It comes with 2 user-defined programs, so it’s possible to easily create and store your custom workouts that can be changed whenever you want to challenge yourself even further.

Controlled Magnetic Resistance

The Free Style 4.0e offers 20 levels of user-controlled magnetic resistance, creating maximum tension that should be sufficient for most users. We noticed that for short bursts during interval training, the top settings may seem a bit weak, but for longer endurance training, it should be more than enough. Although there are other ellipticals that offer more resistance power, when it comes to injury prevention on the joints and comfort, the FS4.0e is truly outstanding.


Unlike other ellipticals in its class, we found this Xterra Free Style elliptical to be very well designed and constructed to cope with users up to the 325lb (147kg). This feature alone can tell you a lot about reliability and sturdiness of this machine.

Xterra FS 4.0e Video Review by Xterra Fitness

Free Style 4.0e vs. Top 5 Performers in “Under $800” Category

ELLIPTICAL TRAINERSchwinn 470 Horizon EX-59Nautilus E614Schwinn 430 Xterra Free Style 5.4e
RATINGWinner1st Runner UpTop 5 PerformerTop 5 PerformerCOMPARED
USD PRICE$699$699$599$499$949
PRICE-PERFORMANCE4 stars4 stars4 stars4.5 stars4.5 stars
EXPERT REVIEWExpert ReviewExpert ReviewExpert ReviewExpert ReviewExpert Review
FLYWHEEL14.3 lbs21 lbs
RESISTANCE TYPEMagneticMagneticMagneticMagneticMagnetic
0° - 10°
6 position manual ramp adjustment
0° - 10°
20 levels of power incline
STRIDE LENGTH20"18"20"20"18"
3 speed
3 Speed
3 speed
MAX. USER WEIGHT300 lbs275 lbs300 lbs300 lbs325 lbs
Contact HR sensor
Contact HR sensor
Contact HR sensor
Contact HR sensor
Contact HR sensor + optional heart rate chest strap
DISPLAY TYPE AND FUNCTIONSSchwinnConnect™ 2 LCD window System
Main: 3.0” X 5.0” Blue backlit + Secondary: 1.0” X 5.0” Blue backlit + Quickeys 5 for incline and 5 for resistance
4.5" yellow-green LCD display with Time, distance, speed, calories, heart rate, program level and watts workout feedbackDualTrack grey display with two high-resolution LCD monitors offering 1 quick start, 9 profile, 8 heart rate, 2 fitness test and 2 custom programsSchwinn DualTrack™ LCD display and goal tracking functionality to set and track 16 different workout and progress related parameters6.5" bright widescreen blue backlit workout LCD display to keep you informed about speed, calories burned, time, distance, pulse, and and other key factors
ADDITIONAL FEATURES AND FUNCTIONS10 degree motorized ramp range with quick keys. 4 user settings and goal tracking. Integrated transport wheels, media tray, water bottle. USB charging, Data export to Schwinn connect. Great acoustic chamber for clear sound system.Low distance between pedals. Low, 10-inch step-on height. The StraightUP™ keeps your body upright for maximum comfort
Sonic Surround™ speakers with MP3 player input, water bottle holder, reading rack, accessories tray
Compatibility with Nautilus Connect™ and MyFitnessPal, USB charging port, data export, performance tracking, Acoustic chambered speakers for big sound, transport wheelsA ten degree, six position manual ramp. Great acoustic chamber for clear sound system. USB port to charge your smartphone or tablet. Large articulating footplates with cushioning. Comes with water bottle holder and media trayHeavy duty steel frame, 2" distance between pedals with 2 degree inward pedal tilt for knee comfort, Sealed commercial bearings and premium bushings in all pivot points, Front transport wheels, Display console comes with integrated audio jack and Speakers
DIMENTIONS70 x 28 x 71 inches
(L x W x H)
68.2 x 22 x 64.6 inches
(L x W x H)
70 x 28 x 71 inches
(L x W x H)
70 x 28 x 71 inches
(L x W x H)
68.9 x 22.4 x 62 inches
(L x W x H)
UNIT WEIGHT231 lbs169 lbs173 lbs160 lbs170 lbs
WARRANTY10 years on the frame
2 years on mechanical parts
1 year on electrical parts
90 days on labor
Lifetime on frame
1 year on parts and labor
10 year frame
2 year parts
1 year electronics
90 days labor
10 years on the frame
2 years on mechanical parts
1 year on electrical parts
90 days on labor
Lifetime on frame and brake
3 years on parts
1 years on labor
ELLIPTICAL TRAINERSchwinn 470 Horizon Fitness EX-59Nautilus E614Schwinn 430 Xterra Fitness Free Style 5.4e

COMPARE 5 Best Elliptical Trainers Under $1000 in 2022

Horizon EX-59Schwinn 470 Nautilus E616Sole E25Xterra Free Style 5.6e
Winner1st Runner UpTop 5 PerformerTop 5 PerformerTop 5 Performer
Expert ReviewExpert ReviewExpert ReviewExpert ReviewExpert Review

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  • Relatively basic model
  • Not designed for intense workouts
  • No Heart Rate controlled programs, although it comes with pulse grip sensors on the static handles



  • Compact foot print (only 5 feet in length)
  • Solid steel construction with feeling of solid durability
  • Whisper quiet performance
  • Safe on the joints

Free Style 4.0e – SummaryXterra FS4.0E

The Xterra Fitness Free Style 4.0e is an entry level, low-budget machine, that doesn’t have all the ‘bells and whistles’ and it is focusing mainly on performance and functionality rather than motivational technology.

It wasn’t designed for long and intense workouts, however considering the feature set, quality and warranty, the Free Style 4.0e offers surprisingly good price-performance.

The bio-mechanics of 4.0e’s design are superb for an elliptical at this price point, and certainly show Xterra (Dyaco) expertise in design and engineering. The Xterra FS 4.0e is popular among users, mainly because it’s a fine machine that overall offers a good workout.

Although it is just a base model, it will fulfill most workout needs, so if your budget is limited and you’re looking for an elliptical under $800, the Xterra Free Style 4.0e is one of the better machines on the market within this price range.

Xterra Free Style 4.0e is Currently Unavailable

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