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On this page we offer you the widest available selection of all the Top Rated home fitness machines by category, be it elliptical trainers, treadmills, home gyms, exercise bikes, steppers or rowing machines.

We manually selected for you the equipment that has customer reviews of 4 and above (out of 5) only, and sorted by “New and Bestselling”, in order to make sure that you’ll buy a piece of equipment that you’ll be happy with.

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New and Bestselling 2022 Elliptical Trainers – Top Rated Only

Top Rated Elliptical Trainers


New and Bestselling 2022 Treadmills – Top Rated Only

Top Rated Treadmills


New and Bestselling 2022 Home Gyms – Top Rated Only

Top Rated Home Gyms


New and Bestselling 2022 Exercise Bikes – Top Rated Only

Top Rated Exercise Bikes